What is CAIEHP

What is CAIEHP?

CAIEHP stands for Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing ™ Practitioner. Treatments offered by these Certified Practitioners focus on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational aspects of healing. Practitioners are trained in re-patterning the client's biofield, reading physical structures, assisting in the release of traumatic experience and building resilience. The practitioner and client co-create and develop self-care and strategies that empower the individual.



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What is AIEH?

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ is a full-spectrum therapeutic modality aimed at supporting whole person well-being.

AIEH integrates biofield theory, somatic awareness and dialogue and consciousness-based integral yogic psychology. The AIEH program brings together ancient Eastern teachings with contemporary Western science to balance and align the individual as a whole. The modality works with the chakra system, the electro-magnetic biofield, the autonomic nervous system and the client’s somatic experience. In this way, energy is used with the intention of facilitating support and transformation.

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