CAIEHP Credentials

Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner (CAIEHP) Credentials

A Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner completed a 700-hour Advanced Integrative Energy Healing ™ Program at Langara College, Vancouver, BC which ran from 2000-2020 . Course requirements include: five in depth research referenced case studies, 300 documented client treatments, a minimum of 100 treatments in supervised health care settings, including hospitals and clinics and private health care practice. An intensive internship was completed for graduation and have included 14 international internships.

Students provided treatments in the following health care settings:

  • Vancouver General Hospital Wellness Centre
  • Vancouver General Hospital Palliative Care
  • Surrey Memorial Hospital
  • St.Paul’s Hospital Mental Health Program
  • Grandview Woodlands Mental Health and Addictions
  • VCH - Residential Drug and Alcohol Program (Pacifica)
  • Cottage Hospice
  • VCH - Vancouver Eating Disorders Program
  • VCH - GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
  • FHA - Fraser South Eating Disorders Program
  • Lions Gate Integral Health Centre
  • Raven Song Community Health Centre
  • Friends for Life - Private Health
  • West Vancouver Seniors Centre

CAIEHPs are eligible for professional liability insurance through the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

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