Integrative Energy Healing™ Code of Ethics

A Code of Ethics provides values from which to guide professional practice<


Integrative Energy Healing ™ Practitioners:

  • Respect the client’s privacy and amount of the personal information a client chooses to disclose. Ensures verbal and written information is kept private and used only to guide the provision of care.
  • Store written information in a secure private place.
  • Share information with the consent of the client, or because the therapist is legally required to do so, or if considerable and significant harm would be caused by not sharing the information with someone who could help. If the information must be shared, every effort should be made to inform the client. (Anonymity means the person’s identity is withheld whereas confidentiality means that no information is shared)


Integrative Energy Healing ™ Practitioners:

  • Honour and respect the essence of each individual.
  • Treat all clients equally.


Integrative Energy Healing ™ Practitioners:

  • Seek information for the sole purpose of supporting individuals to meet their health goals.
  • Accept responsibility for their own personal health and well-being.
  • Maintain the highest standard of conduct in language and action at all times. “To walk the path one must be impeccable.” L.Ross/2002
  • Accept responsibility for continuous learning.
  • Honour personal capabilities, scope of practice.
  • Encourage clients to seek information from other professional sources.
  • Refer appropriately.

Wholesome Work Environments

Integrative Energy Healing ™ Practitioners:

  • Ensure that treatment settings are safe, clean and respectful.
  • Promote harmonius work environments.
  • Treat all clients respectfully, however, if there are concerns about violence, the practitioner takes actions to protect themselves and others.

Appropriate Safe Care

Integrative Energy Healing ™ Practitioners:

  • Practice within their level of competence based on their professional education and experience. Make competent choices relevant and appropriate to the needs of the client.
  • Refer to health care professionals and other health care providers when the client’s needs are beyond their scope of practice.
  • Provide care sensitive to the client’s learning needs. They understand that age, state of health or illness, culture, level of comprehension and language, all play a role in the client’s ability to understand the nature of their care.
  • Abide by the principle of “do no harm”.
  • Consider the client’s age and state of health when determining the appropriate technique. Determine the amount of energy and the duration of the treatment.
  • Conclude the treatment in a safe, respectable and appropriate manner.

Promoting Health and Wellness for the Whole Person

Integrative Energy Healing ™ Practitioners:

  • Endeavour to balance the full spectrum energy system, facilitating self-healing processes for the whole person: body, emotions, mind and spirit.
  • Respect the client’s personal and unique goals for optimal health, including support to clients in the dying process.
  • Recognize that the relationship with family, community and client personal support systems have an impact on the health and well-being of the client.
  • Support the client’s right and ability to make informed choices about their care.
  • Encourage clients to obtain information and explore options and services so that they can make choices.
  • Recognize that their services can complement other forms of holistic and conventional health care.

Respecting Personal Preference

Integrative Energy Healing ™ Practitioners:

  • Respect the client’s individual rights and choices.
  • Obtains informed consent prior to commencing treatment. Should that person have lost their decisional capacity, any directives that the person has given in advance about their health care choices to family members or individuals with power of attorney for health matters are respected according to the law. Review the document.
  • The Integrative Energy Healing ™ practitioner is not expected to comply with the client’s wishes if those wishes are against the law or against their own ethical and professional standard of practice.

Honouring Each Person in a Dignified Manner

Integrative Energy Healing ™ Practitioners:

  • Honour the individual client’s process and choices, and respects each person as a unique human being, as a whole person, worthy of respect.
  • Work with the clients in a heart-centred, caring supportive manner, with the intent to facilitate the client’s self-healing process.
  • Offer treatments based on the client’s health related goals, consider the client’s health history, and on an energetic assessment done prior to the intervention.
  • Respect the client’s culture, values, age, spiritual beliefs, life style choices, and customs; and of social, biological and psychological needs.
  • Maintain healthy boundaries in a professional manner, always respecting personal and the client’s rights.
  • Develop a safe, caring and trusting environment to help the client feel comfortable and empowered.
  • Ensure that the client knows that he or she is in charge.
  • Encourage the client to take an active part in the treatment process.
  • Welcome the client’s input and feedback.
  • Obtain the client’s permission for physical touch at the beginning of each treatment. Touch is always used in an appropriate, respectful, non-sexual manner. Clients remain clothed during the session.

Source: Integrative Energy Healing ™ Intensive/Advanced Integrative Energy Healing ™ Program at Langara College 2016/1017


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