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Debra O'Neill - BlissBE.ME Integrative Holistic Health Inc.

Live Bliss. Teach Bliss. BE Bliss  

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AIEH - Advanced Integrative Energy Healing treatments with Debra are a gentle way to become curious about your body’s energy system. The treatments can be restorative and transformative. Through awareness and somatic sensation, it is an effective way to discharge trauma, balance and reorganize your nervous system. The treatments support, nourish and balance your energy system. Clearing, dissolving and removing blockages within your biofield system towards greater health.


Debra O’Neill has long been intrigued with the energy system of the body.  It started as a vague understanding of energy as a young child that something was going on inside her body that was keeping her in a state of discomfort. Growing up in a spiritual forward thinking environment she started yoga at 15 years old, she quickly learnt that there were many facets to health.  After a traumatic car accident in her 20’s, she experienced the pain of Fibromyalgia and the complications of pharmaceuticals. She realized after 3 years there is only so much that talk and physical therapies could do to help her find relief naturally. She began sourcing ways to help the trauma energy and her nervous system which was cycling in her body in various forms: anxiety, disassociation, indecision, fatigue, collapsed and frozen defence responses. Over the years her research and learned experience opened her awareness to understand her own body systems;  how the energy system is affected by trauma, thought, emotion, environment and how it can be calmed, regulated, witnessed and healed.


Debra O'Neill is the Founder and President of BlissBE.ME Integrative Holistic Health Inc. (www.BlissBE.ME) and a highly respected Holistic Health Practitioner.  She brings 25+ years of experience and formal training in progressive self development.  Debra is a Himalayan Yoga, Philosophy and Meditation Teacher, Initiate and a Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner (CAIEHP) with specialized studies in Somatic Trauma and Advanced Trauma and Addiction.   She has studied many modalities which she integrates for a relaxing, restorative, effective treatment.  Her knowledge in  Level III studies in PSYCH-K subconscious re-patterning of limiting beliefs, Elemental & Sound Healing Therapeutics, Alchemical Healing and Shamanic Guidance that add value as needed to your treatments.

Debra guides you to experience how to be present in your body and how to develop skills to navigate, support, nourish and appreciate with understanding your own energy systems. Balancing your body's energy system and supporting the re-patterning of the biofield in your return to balanced health. Together you co-create to manage holding patterns with a self care plan to your ultimate in whole health and well-being.


There is no need to have a major problem or chronic illness to benefit from this work. There is personal value simply with the experience of relaxation and balance of your energy system as you access your somatic body and open to a communication within your internal intelligence. Whether you are seeking; truth, transmission and transformation, proactive health and relaxation, this experience is one to be experienced for your greater good and proactive well-being.

Treatments are fully clothed, performed while seated or on a healing/ massage table.

AIEH Treatment sessions are $200, 120 minute treatment.  You are welcome to book 2,3 or 4 hours in one session.   Online booking is available at www.BlissBE.ME or call 604-551-8887.

Gift Certificates are available, give the gift of self care!

3 and 9 multi treatment packages available

Referral Appreciation Program - receive $20 to both the giver of the referral and the receiver of the referral to apply to an AIEH treatment.

Tue -  Wed  -  Thurs  

10:00 am  - 12:00 pm

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

If you have an questions, or if there is a need to book times outside of the above date or times please contact us we will do our best to meet your request.

Call to book your appointment today.  604-551-8887  or Info@BlissBE.ME

PEMF sessions available upon request, 4 day rentals and mat sales.   The pulsed electro magnetic field (PEMF) therapy is the optimum in in-home cellular health.  For more info www.BlissBE.omnium1.com or call Debra at 604-551-8887

Self Care = Cell Care = Health Care = BlissBE.ME

Self Care is Health Care - Experience the Bliss!

Many Blessings, Debra


A client wrote this poem based on personal experience over a series of AIEH treatments with Debra.


It all begins under her wings:
Worlds collide and get re-born again.
Infinite rivers of steel and petals
Flush memories and dreams.
On the battlefield of virtues and sins
Soldiers and saints
Facing for the first time
With voices yet unheard.
Countless flocks of black birds
Overwhelm eternal skies.

But then she smiles,
And gently navigates the flow
To quiet the noise, calm the waves
And melt the lead armour off of the chest.
Distant echoes are tamed
To a heartbeat melody.
Universe moves in harmony.

The endless love she shares
Opens doors of light
Sunny and bright,
Turquoise and gold,
Every breath shapes mold
For soul to expand
Like a freshly baked bread.

Of cutting through the wounds
She turns blades into feathers,
Turns fears into cotton balls
And makes a pillow of joy
To peacefully explore
Fields of endless possibilities.

December 2015

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