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Eleanor Hannan

CAIEHP Certified Yoga Teacher BFA

I graduated from the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ program at Langara in June 2016.

I have an extensive background in the study and teaching of Yoga including a focus on working with people with mental and physical disabilities.

Currently, I am teaching Yoga to and with the participation of advanced seniors at two local (North Shore) residences. I have been working with these groups for over 6 years and at this point in time we are exploring together and developing a fun and specific practice that suits the range of motion for each individual; it is alive, vibrant and original. It incorporates energy healing techniques in every step of the process of a class. These manifest in Yoga based movements that energetically clear, and places loving attention on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual resourcing; a key component of our AIEH study.

The Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Program gave me a deep grounding in Integral Yoga; the yoga of the soul, the yoga of consciousness and this is a powerful element in all my healing work and yoga healing/teaching.

Since graduating I have been practicing Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ with the special perspective and needs of elderly clients.   

I have taught at the post secondary level for 27 years.  This brings a level of organization, responsibility, noticing and serving that grounds my work as a healer. 

One of the key components of my healing perspective and practice is incremental, meticulous, restorative, joyous, grounded movement. 

As well as a lifelong practitioner of Yoga I have been a student of Feldenkrais for 10 years; I have studied many years of Qi gong and Tai Chi.
I am a clinical supervisor for the Langara AIEH Program.

Eleanor Hannan

With love