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Kira Christoffersson, Sacred Health

May you be radiant...

Sessions with Kira:

In Canmore, Alberta, I offer Advanced Integrative Energy Healing and Advanced Eden Energy Medicine sessions that stimulate your natural healing abilities and re-pattern your energy systems to support you on the sacred journey towards health, joy and vitality.

Integrating Western scientific energy medicine and ancient Eastern modalities, this work clears blockages, addresses imbalances, and strengthens your energy systems, directly impacting all aspects of your being:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In a safe and caring environment, I help you find relief and healing from chronic and acute conditions including:

  • pain
  • illness or injury
  • trauma, including PTSD
  • anxiety, depression or stress
  • fatigue and sleep issues
  • life transitions

Energy medicine and energy healing will also aid in:

  • clearing toxins from your body
  • boosting your immune system
  • raising your energy levels
  • allowing you to relax more deeply


Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner (CAIEHP), 2013

Eden Energy Medicine - Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP), 2018

Shamanic Practitioner, Lukas Tradition of Global Shamanism, 2009

Bachelor of Science, University of British Columbia (B.Sc.), 1993

Numerous courses on Energy Psychology, EFT, Somatic Based Trauma Healing, Reiki, Chi Kung, meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NL)), Hypnotherapy, coaching, communication, facilitation and leadership.


"Kira is a highly skilled practitioner. She is compassionate and professional and I would recommend her unequivocally to anyone seeking relief and healing, in any regard."   G.W.

"I have worked with Kira Christoffersson for the past 3 years. Kira has helped me on multiple levels; spiritually, emotionally and physically.  She works in a safe and caring environment, and more importantly, she knows what she is doing. She is intuitive, knowledgeable and with her various experiences, she is able to pinpoint the unbalanced area of your body and act upon it.  The techniques she uses are gentle and efficient. After a session you will feel energized, balanced, optimistic, you will know a little bit more about yourself and consequently your body will start its healing process. I would highly recommend Kira to anyone."  V.T.

"Kira has the ability to listen deeply to both words and what the body is saying. I heartily recommend her. "  J.Q.

"Kira has a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience that she brings to her work. Her insight taps into mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of my healing.  Kira brings a compassionate, safe and fully non-judgmental space to our work together... this has been key for me to honestly get beyond some old patterns to look at next steps to help myself."  On a physical level, she has helped me work through arthritis issues and done pre and post surgery healing."  B.H.

What to Expect in a Session:

Whether you are dealing with a health crisis or interested in having greater health and vitality in your life, I am dedicated to helping your achieve your highest vision of health and well-being.  Many of my clients from Canmore, Banff and Calgary are individuals who want to:

  • reduce chronic stress or anxiety
  • address a health challenge they can't seem to change
  • clear old energetic patterns that have created habits that no longer serve them
  • resolve health issues that they have tried to resolve through traditional methods with little or no results
  • prepare and/or recover from surgery
  • achieve peak performance in their work or athletic pursuits
  • improve their energy, joy, and vitality

In the initial session (90 minutes), we will review your health history, discuss your health concerns and goals, and address your questions.  We will then clarify your overall intention for healing and co-create a plan for working together.  At the beginning of each subsequent session, we will discuss your progress and challenges around your goals.

With you fully clothed and lying down on a treatment table, I will test your energy systems to detect energy imbalances.  I will also use my high sense perception and intuition to determine where restrictions and imbalances are being held, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The energy treatment is facilitated with gentle touch, some massage-like movements and holding of acupressure points.  I will also work off the body in the field to balance certain energy systems.  Every treatment is uniquely designed for you, addressing what is out of balance in your particular energy systems, in order to facilitate coherence in your field and to address your healing intentions.  Using therapeutic awareness dialogue, I will guide you to listen deeply to your own body’s wisdom, helping you be an active participant in your healing process.

“Energy field manipulation may be the most direct and powerful way to influence the healing process, and the least likely to produce harmful effects.”
Dr. James Oschman