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Mara Hagglund ~ Vancouver Energy Healing

Achieving health, balance and harmonious living in your everyday life with energy healing

Mara Hägglund is a Canadian artist, writer, healer, and teacher in the field of energy healing.

She is an Integrative Energy Healer, Evolutionary Astrologer, and conscious movement facilitator. She has worked in health care delivery settings for 6 years as a clinical supervisor, consultant, and clinician.

Mara's methods include energetic approaches, and somatic-based healing for addiction recovery and eating disorders recovery, depression, anxiety, acute or chronic conditions, trauma, PTSD, personal growth & development, spiritual transformation and emergence, and women's reproductive issues.  As well, she offers energetic support to individuals and their families dealing with long-term and end of life care, and first responders on the frontline for vicarious trauma, burnout, and stress management in the workplace. She works with clients as these issues are expressed energetically.

Explore integral yoga approaches to create better health with heart-centred healing and guidance for your whole being. Mental health and wellness are based on a holistic model of health. An integral focus of healing and wellness is through the balance and inter-relationships of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a being. Mara will co-create a plan with you to reach your well-being goals inviting gentle transformation towards greater consciousness on the treatment table, in your heart and in your life. All levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health addressed so everyone welcome.

Mara's specialty is in somatic & trauma-based integrative energy healing with forty-years of metaphysical studies; esoteric knowledge, yoga, humanistic & evolutionary astrology, consciousness studies and shamanism studies.

Providing follow-up and post-session support; coping strategies and resilience-based somatic approaches for empowerment. 

Mara is an instructor and clinical supervisor at Langara College's Integrative Energy Healing Programs. She teaches the Healing Science - Energy Awareness course. She also manages the program's social media Facebook account.


Provincial Instructor Diploma Certificate, VCC (currently enrolled)

Gnosis Studies, Gnostic Institute (currently enrolled)

AIEH™ 8 month - Research Internship: Surrey Memorial Hospital (forensic nurse team) as a senior AIEH graduate

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ Certification, Langara College

LengthenStrengthen Certification, Backhealer

Transformative Wholistic Regeneration Certification-Level 2 (aka WHEE), Langara College

Integrative Energy Healing ™ Intensive Certification, Langara College

One World Service - Southern India Internship

Fashion Design & Production Certification, VCC 

Astrology & Theosophy Studies, Rosicrucian Society, Los Angelas, Ca


Professional Background

Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ Practitioner & Consultant in Private Practice, Vancouver Energy Healing

Instructor, Health & Human Services Department, Langara College

Project coordinator

Fashion designer

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