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Mara Hagglund ~ Vancouver Energy Healing

Achieving health, balance and harmonious living in your everyday life

My name is Mara, I am the founder of Vancouver Energy Healing. A Canadian artist, writer, healer, and teacher in the field of energy healing.

Explore integral approaches to create better health with heart-centred healing and guidance for your whole being. I infuse the wisdom of ancient yogic teachings, meditation, breathing techniques, movement, biofield healing, the stars, and the intelligence of the body into my sessions inviting gentle transformation towards greater consciousness on the treatment table, in your heart and in your life.

All levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health addressed so everyone welcome; healthcare workers, energy practitioners & bodyworkers, first responders, and for Individuals who would like to explore and or need some balancing, harmonization and relaxation, individuals with acute or chronic conditions, body pain or dysfunction, trauma & PTSD, stress or anxiety, personal growth & development, spiritual transformation, and emergence, sexual trauma, and women's reproductive issues.

Providing follow-up and post-session support, coping strategies and resilience-based somatic approaches for empowerment. 

I offer my energy practice, Vancouver Energy Healing at the Backhealer, a community-based boutique studio in the heart of Kitsilano. I also facilitate yoga-based classes for people with back dysfunction who are in recovery from pain and or pain maintenance, teach meditation and breath work, and facilitate a mantra/sound healing classes in this serene and supportive space.

I am a certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ practitioner (CAIEHP) with a specialty in somatic & trauma-based integrative energy healing since 2013. I have a forty-year background in metaphysical studies; esoteric knowledge, yoga, humanistic & evolutionary astrology and consciousness studies.