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Mechthild Maczewski

Alignment. Healing. Transformation.

Mechthild started her journey into the healing professions as a Registered Nurse in acute and extended care hospitals in Germany and Canada.

A passion for learning and research led her to complete a Ph.D. in Human and Social Development at the University of Victoria. Family health challenges, personal energy healing experiences, as well as a passion for understanding one's sense of self and identity inspired an interest in practicing energy healing.

Mechthild believes AIEH to be a gentle and empowering energy-based healing technique that facilitates deep relaxation to help with stress, pain, and a sense of wholeness.

In AIEH sessions, she facilitates work with your the energetic patterns to facilitate your connection to your own inner knowing. These connections are identified by you by becoming aware of your internal, somatic experiences during the treatment session. This allows you to move towards your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual goals.

Mechthild is grateful to integrate her professional and personal experiences to offer energetic and holistic support to anyone who is looking for a deeper approach to their health.

For more information and testimonials please visit www.inneralign.ca