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Teresa de Sousa


After completing a 2-year Integrative Energy Healing program at Langara College and doing treatments on medical staff at St. Paul’s Hospital as well as Addiction and Senior Centres in Vancouver, I founded Energy Healing Therapy and am now a Certified Energy Healing practitioner in Vancouver.

My own health issues and an innate awareness of energy within me, naturally led me to this career in order to find healing as well as to assist others with their own healing.

Every one of us wishes to live a healthy and vital life, however, more often than not, we are hindered by some past trauma, physical or emotional pain or injury that leave us functioning at less than our desired optimal state. Past traumas (big or small) and injuries are often accompanied by emotions that are suppressed in our body and later surface as chronic or acute pain, reduced mobility, tension, fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia and so on. This is reflected by the diminished flow of energy running through the body’s pathways adversely impacting our health. Energy Healing Therapy uses a range of approaches to uncover what may be suppressed in the body and contributing to your pains and discomforts.

Treatments are client specific and include practitioner specific hand placements on the body to facilitate energy flow, nervous system regulation, breath work, somatic awareness, awareness dialogue and meditation, among other things. You are an active participant in this process and treatments are co-created to best suit your needs. The goal is to release what is ailing you, bring vital energy back to your life, and help you recover in order to feel healthy and able to live life as fully as possible.

For more information visit: www.energyhealingtherapy.ca or visit my facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/energyhealingtherapy.ca/