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Soul Energy Healing, Wing Piderman, CAIEHP

A Total Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

Have You Ever Asked Yourself:  What is my purpose in life?

What am I here to do?  Are you feeling stuck in your life?

Do you have S.A.D. (Stress, Anxiety and/or Depressuon?

I have asked myself these questions, and experienced it.  When I was a child I remember I told myself , 'Just wait when I grow up I am going to be somebody and do good things'.  When you grow up life happens and the knowing of who you are have been lost.  We grow up taking on everyone else's belief of who we are.  As a child we have no filters or discernment so we take on that belief (negative or positive) and accept it as our truth.  When we accept the negative beliefs, which are false, it can take  years of processing and eliminating the false belief and replacing it with your truth - we are all part of the Divine.

My journey have lead me to become an energy healing practitioner.  It is finding the compassion to love and forgive yourself to start to heal.  I believe you have to heal yourself before you can assist to heal others. Dealing and facing my own negative beliefs, fears, traumas, stress and depression in my life is why I show, guide, and teach my clients to find happiness.

I am a thoughtful, intuitive listener and assist my clients through difficulties in life.  I treat the whole person (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) with energy healing and tools to navigate through life with more ease and peace so they can live more authentically.

I am here to support, listen, teach, show and guide you along your path.  Let's embark on this journey together, one step at a time.

Divine truth, glory and light