Feedback from Fraser South Eating Disorders Program, Delta

I have had the Langara AIEH students in our program for several clinics over the years to support our clients with eating disorders. The men and women in our program who have participated have benefited so greatly. For many of them, they have a history of trauma and significant emotional pain. Those that suffer are very hard on themselves and find it challenging to be more present in their body and with their feelings. The students have had such compassion and created a safe space for them to start to build on their resources and strengths. For many of our clients they have been able to use the skills to support them in their recovery. I often hear comments about being so relaxed, less pain and feeling more grounded. Many tell me that it’s the one time in their week when they feel nurtured and cared about. For some clients they have been able to release some of the trauma held in their bodies and come to a more compassionate place. I have personally had treatments and have found the students to be very skilled and respectful. I feel very grateful and truly appreciate all the skill and hard work the school and the students have done to bring this important therapy to our program. A huge thank you from all the staff and clients!

Elspeth Humphreys, BSW, MSW, RSWRegional Coordinator, Fraser Health, Eating Disorders Program Fraser South Eating Disorders Program
Feedback from Pacifica Treatment Centre, Vancouver

I have had the great pleasure of seeing Langara students come in for many years at Pacifica, supporting our clients who are struggling with addiction and trauma issues. When there hasn’t been enough clients, I have had the opportunity to also get support from the students around stress, grief, and fatigue. I have left sessions feeling refreshed, relieved and deeply supported. The students are always kind, gentle, respectful and very aware of our client’s needs. Even clients who are initially skeptical have given positive feedback over the years. In fact, I have never heard negative feedback. Clients have reported feeling supported, releasing trauma, being heard and comforted, being respected, having aches and pains lessen or disappear. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our program, clients and staff. For me, you are an integral part of our team.

Fiona Jeyachandran, M.A.Clinical Addictions CounsellorPacifica Treatment Centre


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