How is AIEH™ different from Reiki:

There are a number of different energy-based healing modalities, each of which has different origins, training requirements, and techniques. For example, the ability to do Reiki healing is transferred from teacher to student through an initiation in which the initiate is then able to channel energies of a type and within a frequency range encoded by the particular symbol conferred upon an initiate by his/her specific teacher (representing a certain lineage). The range of frequencies drawn upon are considered from an AIEH perspective to correlate to the first three layers of the human biofield.

AIEH does not use a lineage and initiation system, or prescribe or limit the energies practitioners may work with. It is thus considered to be an individualized, contemporary, integrative, and full-spectrum therapeutic modality. Additionally, as the training of Reiki practitioners is not regulated and there is no oversight of the use of the practitioner title, the level of training of practitioners varies dramatically. CAIEHPs are graduates of Langara College's provincial Ministry of Education recognized certification program, whose advanced classes are taught by registered health care professionals. A CAIEHP has completed a minimum of 700 hours of training.

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