What role does Advanced Integrative Energy Healing play in health care? What is unique about AIEH?

Unique to AIEH is the theory and skill it brings to working with the biofield. The patterning of the body and biofield's subtle energies can be impacted by stress, illness, and injury. Using a variety of targeted treatments, CAIEHPs can modulate subtle bio-energies to facilitate an optimal flow of energy through the chakras, meridians, and tissues. In doing so, AIEH can help restore the body to a state of natural equilibrium that can increase the efficacy of other types of treatments. The CAIEHP approach interweaves somatic inquiry, awareness dialogue, and re-patterning of the biofield, all working with the edges of client readiness for change and in exploration of emerging realms of consciousness. The AIEH modality works well in service of contemporary approaches to the treatment of trauma that are based in the body and informed by the evidence of research in affective and interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory. CAIEHPs are trained to create a safe environment for the client and to be aware of subtle changes in client’s stress tolerance and rationality. AIEH work is intended to complement other therapies within the fields of medicine and psychology, and CAIEHPs work collaboratively with clients' health care professionals.

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